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Transit Development Plan

The City of Georgetown and the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro) are working to update Georgetown’s existing Transit Development Plan, which was adopted in 2016, to evaluate and address increased mobility needs for the rapidly growing community.

The updated plan will allow the City to participate in CapMetro’s Regional Service Expansion Program and provide context sensitive transit project recommendations for the City of Georgetown’s consideration. The plan will identify gaps in existing local and regional transit services and recommend opportunities to improve mobility and increase access to economic opportunities, healthcare, and other essential services and resources in areas that currently fall outside of the CapMetro service area.

Residents are invited to learn more about the project on the project website.

Virtual Open House Feb. 27 – March 7, 2024

The City of Georgetown and CapMetro are hosting the second Virtual Open House to report on Transit Development Plan (TDP) progress. Since the first open house, the City has analyzed stakeholder and public feedback and considered the plan’s goals, objectives, and existing conditions findings to develop transit recommendations. The purpose of this open house is to gather feedback and inform the community on the proposed recommendations that address evolving mobility needs within and beyond Georgetown.

The City of Georgetown and CapMetro value the public’s opinion and request feedback in response to the proposed transit recommendations. Your feedback is essential to identifying potential improvements to the proposed recommendations. Feedback will be considered to refine recommendations and finalize the TDP in Spring of 2024.

Any final enhancements and/or new services included in recommendations will be dependent on further public feedback, interagency coordination, and future service planning efforts.

Georgetown Transit Development Plan Area

Anticipated Timeline

Activity Anticipated Dates
Data Collection & Existing Conditions Analysis Fall 2023
Public Input – Round 1 November / December 2023
Development of Recommendations Winter 2023
Development of Cost Estimates & Implementation Program Winter 2023 / Spring 2024
Public Input – Round 2 February 2024
Revisions & Development of Final Plan Spring 2024

This process will

  • proactively involve the Georgetown community in reviewing plan progress and collecting public input.
  • assess demographics, key destinations, and land use to understand the existing transit environment and communities in need of additional mobility options.
  • assess existing local and regional transit service to inventory current transit supply and identify potential gaps in transit service.
  • anticipate future transit demand, recommend potential mobility solutions, and estimate costs for proposed solutions.
  • develop a roadmap for adoption and implementation.

Community Engagement

Engaging with the community throughout the planning process will ensure the City of Georgetown’s transportation initiatives are informed by residents and that its efforts are responsive, equitable, and effective. By gathering and incorporating feedback from Georgetown residents, transit customers, and key stakeholders, Georgetown can ensure that the updated Transit Development Plan accurately reflects the needs and priorities of the community.


Previous 2016 City of Georgetown Transit Development Plan
Summary of 2016 City of Georgetown Transit Development Plan

Contact us

Contact the Transit Development Plan project team via the project website.

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